RP M3 and M4 will be released successively in mid-September and mid-October!
RP M3: Chef's Special, RP M4: Temporal Warrior

1. Monthly RP continues even in the new version, prices do not change and rewards are set more generously, and the free reward is still given as a coupon for purchase of the next season’s RP 60UC
Time adjustment: RP duration adjusted to 1 month, each version releases 2 RP in turn, this version releases RP M3 and RP M4
2. Point bonus event released before M3 release, acquire the following RP points in advance before completing the M2 mission! Before M4 opens, group reservation event is set to start, invite your friends to receive an additional discount on RP purchases!
3.  RP Whole Server Lucky Chicken —— 3 people who purchased RP are drawn by random to receive a full reward of existing RP and one exclusive title free of charge, you can participate in this lottery when purchasing RP, and your chances of winning are increased by 10 when purchasing elite RP!
4. You can upgrade from regular RP to elite RP by providing the difference (600UC) during the Whole Server Lucky Chicken event period to enjoy all of the privileges of elite RP