1. Season Reward Upgrade
2. Improvements to season system base experience: Improved each tier protection type to be unified and easily identifiable; Improved art expression of party special effects; Improved display of the results screen
3. Added Conqueror marker and adjusted marker file screen. Support for mark display function.
4. Tier level up effect improved; added Ace Master, Challenger, Conqueror tier level up video.
5. New Season Achievements: Added Master and Challenger achievements.
6. Care additions to Challenge Points: Challenge Points are rewarded when conditions such as mistakes in key matches, deaths during an attack, network instability and team member cheating are met
7. Tier growth feedback addition: Added tier growth graph and ability comparison
8. Event additions to the season system: Additional tier points can be earned in the first round every day
9. Added cycle itinerary system, unified each cycle system