About the rules and odds:

Please be noticed that the odds don't mean you can get the item you want by spinning/drawing/opening crates constantly for many times. For instance, the odds of the item you want are 1%, which doesn't mean you can get the item by spinning/drawing/opening crates 100 times.

We understand that you want some special items from the event, but every event has different rules/rewards. For a fair gameplay environment, the odds should not be counted on "times" but "probabilities". But there are special rewards that can be gained by drawing/spinning/opening crates multiple times in every event.

You can see the items from the spin/draw/crate in your inventory or the corresponding event inventory/shop/currencies.
And for some peculiar items from the spin/draw/crate that will not show in the Inventory, click on the one you are looking for in the event page, and you can see the obtained and available number of it.