If you encounter cheaters in game, you can report them through In Game Customer Service following the steps below:

You can report the cheater directly by sending us a video link of the cheating behavior through in game customer service following below template:
*Please send the first message with [Report hacker] to us when you want to report cheater through in game customer service.
*Content: Report hacker (Cheater's nickname&ID)
*Video Link: XXX.XXX.XXX
Cheating description: (Type of cheat tools or cheating behavior)
Resources of cheat tools: If any (Website provided by cheater or other important details)

a. Please send us the video of the cheating behavior as the video link for us to investigate. (Remember: Please make the video of the cheating behavior as short and precise/clear as possible so that we can deal with it faster.)
b. Please send us the cheater's UID or nickname precisely so we can find the cheater as fast as we can. At least, please provide the UID number.
c. We suggest you to report cheater through In Game Channel by clicking the "Report" button, thanks for your support.