(a) Lobby screen improvement
Changes in lobby screen, new lobby looks much simpler:
- Playground entrance is placed inside mode selection;
- New recruit training entrance is placed inside party lobby;
- Subscription entrance is placed inside top-up;
- Commercialization event, participation event entrance improvement;
- Bottom right layout improvement

(b) Changes in event center
Event center screen adjustments, new screen looks cooler and intuitive:
- Participation event moved to event center. Click to proceed to event center. Check out the events!
- Event center screen adjustments, better looking display of events!

Lobby BGM and music box integration. The player can select any background music from the lobby!
- Garage BGM and existing BGM moved to BGMI MUSIC
- BGMI MUSIC can be played from the lobby
- The player can visit other player's social space to listen to other player's BGM.