A Sandstorm is coming and the sky is filled with yellow dust. We begin to explore the Ancient secret once again. Will we be able to escape with so many mysteries ahead of us to unravel?

#How to Enter:
Mode Option-Rank Mode-Erangel Theme Map/Miramar Theme Map/Livik Theme Map.

(1) The Return of Pharaoh:
Yellow dust covers the sky and a Pharaoh-like colossus appears in Erangel!

(2) Sandstorm Treasure:
Sandstorm appears in a random city covering the whole area. Those who pierce through the storm can loot many supplies and scarab charm.  
Players owning a scarab charm will return to the island if killed within limited time. However, using the charm will take the chance of using revive tower. (1 player can own only upto 1 scarab charm)

(3) Tour of the Ancient Area:
You can enter the royal temple by following a sand path. The sand giant will start to carry the temple around the battleground. You can check the path from the minimap to land on the safe area.
If you unlock the Pharaoh's slate and pass the trial, you will be rewarded with an additional loot. (Players can enter the temple multiple times before the Pharaoh is activated, however, once it is activated, players who move to the battlefield cannot re-enter the temple)

(4) Treasure of the Ruins:
The scarab ruins and jackal ruins are scattered around the map. Those who solve the riddle in the Ruins can claim the treasure. But be careful of the mummy guards and monsters in the Ruins!

(5) Desert Merchant:
A secret desert store that randomly appears in the map. There could be a discount event in the store, so don't miss out!

(6) Scorpion Treasure Box:
This is a treasure box protected by scarabs and jackals on the wall. You can claim the treasure by destroying them.

(7) Primitive Water:
If you solve the riddle and defeat the temple guardian, you will receive a powerful healing item. Using this item will fully recover your health and energy.