Ans. (a) Emergency

Emergency calladded: Farm the item and select from the inventory to make an emergency call. Aballoon will go up and plane will come rescue the player with the parachute bagand deliver the player to the next safety area. The player can choose to jumpoff at any point in flight. Use the emergency call to quickly travel to thesafety area with your teammates.

Applied Map:





(b) Resurrection Recall

1. Markerimprovement: When the player is dead before using the revive chance, theplayer's location will be marked on the minimap.

2. Quick messageadded: "Let's go and revive the squadmate." Allows bettercommunication with squad members.

3. Revive chanceformat improvement to make it more distinguishable.

4. Better rangeof vision from the airplane after revival for easier observation.

Applied Map:


Match Mode-Livik




RankedMode-Erangel Theme Mode

RankedMode-Livik Theme Mode

(Note: Playersare automatically resurrected instead of signal tower from Erangel theme modeand Livik theme mode from ranked mode.)

(c) Supply Store


Pick up thecurrency scattered around the battleground to purchase supplies and tacticalitems in the shop in the building. Arm up and seize your victory.

(This is anexisting feature. Just here for reference.)

Applied Map:


Match Mode-Livik


Ranked Mode-Erangel


RankedMode-Erangel Theme Mode-Core Circle

RankedMode-Livik Theme Mode-Core Circle

(d) Weapons

Schrotflintebalance adjustment:

1. Schrotflinte
hit damage increased, head 1.25→1.5, arms and legs 0.9→1.05,Schrotflinte long-range damage also increased

2. S12K -increased to 10 shots

3. S1897 -Faster safety pin action

4. Sawed-offshotgun default damage slightly increased

(e) Vibration Feedback

Vibrationinteraction system added:

1. Give realtime feedback for various activities in the game using vibration to allow amore immersive experience.

2. Tactilefeedback support for weapons, vehicles, character status, sound visualization,etc.

3. The vibrationsystem has to be enabled from system settings. High and low quality settingsavailable. There are system and h/w requirements to enable high qualitysetting. ON/OFF switches for various backgrounds provided in the settings.

(f) Basic Experience

- Animationeffect when the gun is against the wall is improved. The animation lookssmoother when the player goes near the wall with the gun.

- Markerimprovement: You can mark store, signal tower and zipline.

- Character
sprint control improvement: Accuracy of pulling the button improved for