Official Livik

         #Entry Rule:

         Mode Option - Ranked Mode/Match Mode -Livik

1. Map background upgrade: All major cities in the official version of Livikhave been remade, and the level structure and art quality have beencomprehensively upgraded, giving you a richer combat experience and gameplaystrategy!

(Holdhus wasrenamed Refinery, LumberYard was renamed Logistics Center, Wengen was renamedStable, Gass was renamed Estate, Ystad was renamed Dry Dock)

2. New vehicle: UTV all-terrain vehicle

The newfour-seater vehicle with a compact body allows you to move quickly withoutbeing restricted by complex terrain.

3. New weapon — XT weapon

Livik exclusiveXT weapons are available in the store: AKM, M416, P90, MK12, M24, with betterperformance! Go and pick your favorite XT weapon from the store!

4. Random large supply area in the beginning

At the beginningof each game, a gold circle with large supply will be randomly drawn fromcities inside the map. There are richer supplies, more BPs, and, of course,more opponents in the circle.

5. Various mini games

You can play funmini games in the official version of Livik:

-Random supplycrate and treasure map: Supply crates are randomly spawned on the map forspeedy loot. You can also find a treasure map that shows the location of nearbysupply crates.

-Wild berries:You can gain health points by eating wild berries!

-Soccerchallenge: Blomster creates a special soccer field in which you can aim andkick the soccer ball into the goal to get BP rewards!

-Storage room: Abundle of weapons are stored in the Aqueduct. You can use gun or explosive todestroy the wall and find combat supplies.

-Zipline: Newzipline feature added. You can put a loop over the zipline and quickly approachthe opposite end. You can use the zipline to escape from the enemy or go to thesafety area.

6. Airdrop marker

Special airdrop!A special airdrop with rich supplies is dropped to the map in the middle of thegame. The location of the airdrop is marked on the map!

7. Recall signal tower

If you survive agiven duration of time in a duo/squad match, you can recall a defeated teammateonce from the signal tower. Don't give up just yet. You can turn around thetable.

8. Supply store

Collect coinsduring combat to purchase items from the supply store.

9. Volcanic eruption

The volcano
erupted again after years of silence! Escape the explosion by leaving the area
or going inside a building.