Land on the vibrant starting island for bountiful loots. Show strategy, courage, teamwork, and  composure to earn your victory!
#Entry rule:
Select mode - normal match - Erangel theme map/Livik theme map

1. Vibrant starting island
- Users can use 4 different colored balls and paint the center building in the color they like.
- From the starting island, users can throw different colored balls to summon 4 giant statues, each representing strategy, courage, teamwork, and composure. Summon the giant statue to enable special theme mode concert!

2. Nibus Island (battlegrounds in the air)
- Jump down to Nimbus Island. You can play as a colored doll and loot designated colored items.
- If you get knocked out by the enemy, the doll's head becomes larger while flying in the air. If you get eliminated you come back to the BR battlegrounds.
- If you get knocked out by your teammate, the doll's head become smaller and you come back to the battlegrounds underneath.
- Play the battlegrounds in the air before it disappears in 5 minutes.

3. Colored bicycle
- Folding mountain bike is spawned on the map. After farming, click on the backpack to use the 1 passenger mountain bike.
- It is a low-carbon eco-friendly vehicle that does not require any fuel or battery. It is a portable mountan bike that can go inside the backpack and be used anytime by taking it out from the backpack. It also does not make any noise while running on the road, cannot be destructed, and can be used anytime to travel quickly.

4. New village
New small police village
- Open doors to find treasure: You can get extra supplies from the treasure house by using a key or by standing in front of the door for a certain period of time.

New small army themed village
- Vehicle scan: You can locate the vehicle from scanning corner in the village. You can easily find and use vehicle to travel. (With a certain possibility)
- Exhibit classic map theme mode preferred by users. After enabling exhibition feature, loading past memories will drop supplies and souvenir. (Get 100%)
- User created 4th anniversary content can be viewed from nearby building. Watch with your teammates!
-> Erangel map and Livik map supported. Custom mode supported.