1. New season open:CYCLE2 SEASON5。Add pink tier set resource:C2S5-season sunglass、C2S5-season skin set、CS25-season parachute、C2S4-MK14、C2S4 mask、C2S4 season head accessory.
2.  Season system update: Season screen info improvement, reward preview effect improvement.
3.  Season system exchange shop: exchange reward update, exchange limit changed to season limit purchase.
4.  CYCLE memory: New 4th anniversary theme mode mission. Collect items to exchange with special title and exclusive rewards.
5.  Challenge value adjustment. challenge value protection rate increased. Players can quickly increase their points.
6.  Add revive to ranked survival point system: More survival points can be attained by reviving more  users during the game.
7.  Classic ranked match party tier adjustment: Bronze~Platinum, Gold~Diamond, Diamond~Crown,