Result page
1. MVP screen and friend page background under result page adjusted.
2. Growth mission progression rate and claim feature added to result mission panel
3. Result screen will include description about the changes.

Performance improvement
1. Improve parachute logic. Smoother parachuting.
2. Lobby character shading quality improvement.
3. Smoother control in Livik Aftermath for low-end devices.
4. Smoother gunfire in Livik Aftermath.
5. FPS improvement for some Qualcom snapdragon chip for 90FPS.

Speaker effect improvement
Dolby Atmos Mobiles feature added to Clan tournament mode. More accurate gun and foot sound and improved audio quality.

Vehicle skin setting improvement
Vehicle skin setting improvement. You can set up to 3 skins per vehicle model. You can change from the selected skins when you use the vehicle during combat.