1. Info system entrance improvement
2. Basic info screen added, personal info and combat data, profil image displayed
3. Personal stat screen improvement, ranked/normal/career stat data displayed
4. History screen improvement, separate combat data by mode
5. Personal achievement screen integration, achievement detail can be checked, achievement progress rate and new achievements, not displayed from mission screen anymore.
6. Achievement mission screen integration, click user level entrance from basic info screen to check, not displayed from mission screen anymore.
7. Friendship screen integration, friendship link and friendship status can be checked

1. Settlement process improvement, MVP screen order adjustment
2. Mission progress added to the screen, daily mission/RP challenge/tier reward mission status change displayed
3. Reward claim screen improvement

'Description' icon & feature adjustment
Changes in each module's 'Description' icon number and content, module 'description' icon format adjustment

Personal info setting
Option added: non-friend player party invitation enable/disable option, non-friend players cannot send party invitation once the option is enabled.

Alert adjustment
Alert mail of exchanged item time limit removed, lower disturbance