Party boundary limit
1. Party boundary limit added, combay quality improvement
1)Party allowed between bronze ~ platinum
2)Diamond and above tiers can party with 2 upper tiers. Ace and above are all considered as ace tier.
2. Boundary applied by region, fpp/tpp mode, number of players, and current tier
3. Party boundary limit only applied to classic ranked mode

Point sync mechanism
1. Point sync mechanism between FPP/TPP added, decreasing perspective change cost, increasing tier level-up efficiency
2. When high tear is attained from either FPP/TPP mode, point syncing will bump up points from the other mode.

C2S4 and its timeframe?
New season open:CYCLE2 SEASON4
1. Season reward upgrade: Rewards upgraded to pink tier
2. CYCLE memory:new Jujutsu Kaisen theme mode story mission, special character title can be unlocked by gathering all of Sukuna's fingers.
3. CYCLE reward:new reward release, if diamond/crown/ace tier is attained within the CYCLE, high-tiered item is rewarded
4. Challenge points will be caculated separately and point system will be added. Helps bumping up the point.

# Timeframe: 2022-01-18 02:00:00 ~ 2022-03-20 23:59:59