(a) Daily mission
- New daily mission screen: simplified content, more legible
- Reward adjustments, weekly progress rewards integrated, total number nodes decreased

(b) Achievement mission
The player can go to personal info page to check achievement missions. Click profile picture to open personal info page. No longer shown from mission screen.

(c) Personal achievement
Achievement details can be checked from personal info page. Achievement progress rate and new achievements can be checked from the page. Click profile picture to open personal info page. No longer shown from mission screen.

(d) RP challenge and its time frame.
After opening RP M7, RP challenge difficulty has gone down. New screen and new mechanism maintained.

# Mechanism difficulty level decreased: Upper limit points can be attained each week
(1)When new RP week opens, upper limit is increased, achievable missions are added
(2)Previously, all missions had to be achieved to attain full points. However, full points can be attained by achieveing selective missions. Higher points are given.

#  RP game time removed:
(1)RP game time requirement removed, reward points integrated to new mission
(2)New game time mission added, the mission can be repeated multiple times, but only once a week.
(3)Game time must be included under optional mission. Point limit applied along with basic challenge missions.

# QOL improvement:
(1)Screen adjustment, better legibility of the mission
(2)Rewards are automatically acquired after challenge mission is accomplished. No need to claim manually.

#  Other mechanism improvement:
(1)ELITE mission reward, additional friend mission reward can be attained and no limit is applied.
(2)Easy ticket still unlocks point limit 1 week prior and game time reward will have additional point limit applied.
(3)Easy ticket entrance only appears from mission screen.