(a) Separating ranked and normal mode
Normal mode: all modes that do not inlucde ranking
1)Classic mode: Classic maps, including the new Livik: Aftermath, Erangel, Livik, Sanhok, etc.
2)Team death match: Classic team death match, including the new Santorini map, Arena training mode, team death match, weapon death match, etc.
3)Other mode: Aracde modes, including AI mode, Metro Royale, casual mode, war mode, etc. and survival modes, including Heavy Machine Gun 2.0. etc.

Ranked mode: Only modes that include ranking system
1)Classic mode: Classic maps, including Erangel, Livik, Sanhok, etc.
All classic modes from normal & ranked will have RP missions nad achievement missions

(b) Mode selection lobby
-  Simplified lobby: Mode history removed, only mode entrance stays
-  Improved visual effects: Opted mode image background added, stronger visuals

(c) Mode selection screen
Changes in mode selection screen, simpler content, improved control
# Resetting screen
1)Select by clicking the mode, simplified control
2)Show mode by unrolling, improved legibility
3)Supports theme mode change, AI mode difficulty level change
# Adjustments on page tab structure:
1)Category added——ranking, matching, classic mode showing tier score inside ranking page tab, classic mode without tier score inside matching page tab, arena mode, other mode
2)Existing survival mode, arcade mode, AI mode, and metro royale mode go under other mode
# Tactical parchuting feature OFF: Turning off tactical parachuting feature
# Playground entrance is placed inside mode selection, not shown in the lobby (new)
# Other
1)Mode detail image added: shows new mode at a glance
2)Multiple options are not supported for classic mode