(a) Emergency airplane pickup
Emergency airplane pickup added: Emergency airplane pickup will be applied to Erangel and Miramar maps. Pickup mark appears when the feature is used from empty ground. The airplane will come and pickup the player wearing the parachute bag in the air and move to the next safety area. The player can jump off while the airplane is moving.
(b) Knocked out swimming
Players will still be able to swim if they get knocked out in the water. The swimming speed will slow down but it would allow the player more room for tactical decisions as they can continue to breathe and swim.
(c) Automatic enemy marking
When the enemy is hit by the player or teammate, a marker will automatically appear in the spot the enemy was hit.
(d) Parchuting improvements
- Parachuting improvements. Light pillar apperas on the marked area.
- Background marker feature added. Once enabled, clicking the map will show the marker and light pillar.
- Automatic parachuting featuer added. Once enabled, the player will automatically parachute down to the marked area.
- Landmark names will hover over the area while parachuting.
(e) Basic mechanism improvements
- Better item toop tip when looting for items.
- Minimap sound alert accuracy improvement.
- Reporting feature during combat added. Integrated to error reporting system.
- Victory statue requirement decreased. Easier to install statue after winning.
- Heal items throwing feature added. The player can opt in this feature.
- When only 1 healing item or throwable item is equipped, deploy button on the top is hidden.
- Fixed overlapping teammate markers inside the airplane.
(f) Setting adjustments
- Quick location feature added. The player can quickly approach to the place marked with quick location.
- Personal information and social content shown from separate tab.
- Vehicle user setting layout and control user setting layout integrated to 1 tab.
- Looting screen, user setting screen art effect improvement.
- Tab order and name improved from setting.