After Livik is bombed, the volcano erupts and the environment of Erangel changes. After many years, people started to rebuild houses over the ruins.
#Entry Rule:
Matching mode-classic mode, enter by selecting Aftermath map. Note: This map is only available in matching mode.
#Play Rule:
1. All guns carry 'AC core module' and new scope by default. Much weaker recoil allowing easier aiming and control, combat info is shown over the lense.
2. Tactical sunglass is worn by defaut, showing the total damage dealt to the enemy.
3.  Interaction item, 'zip line' added. Multiple 'zip line spot' will be added to the new map. These spots are fixed spots. When the player approaches the spot, the player can go to the landing spot by putting a loop over the zip line. The zip line will allow the player to move quickly to different spots.
4. Summoning mechanism will be added. Each user will get 1 chance to come back to the battleground. They can summon a dead teammate if they find a signal tower in the background.
5. Sound alert feature is added to the main screen. Sound from vicinity is marked not only on the minimap but also on the main screen. The player can choose to opt out from setting.