Erangel has been invaded by alien plants called Yaliro. After absorbing special energy, Yaliro quickly took over the major core urban areas and created the Rejuvenation Barrier, which has healing powers. The Zillion Matrix, a giant spaceship that carries everyone's hopes of escape, has gone out of control because of the invasion. Go to the Zillion Matrix to conduct investigations, reclaim the energy, and join the fight against the threat!

Entry method:
Classic Mode - Matching by selecting theme entrance, applied to Erangel, Sanhok and Livik maps
Play Process:
1. Life Barrier - Yaliro parent flora randomly appear in several cities, and the life barrier created by them increases the health of nearby users and automatically recovers health when not in battle;
2. Zillion Matrix - Appears only in Erangel, find the Zillion capsule on the map and board the Zillion Matrix airship to experience an exhilarating battle with random weapons and respawning, defeat enemies to acquire a large amount of microchips used to supply DynaHex;
3. DynaHex Supply - When you open your backpack, you can purchase battle items by consuming microchips in the newly added DynaHex Supply tab, and these items are launched from the air to a designated point through DynaHex Supply Capsules;

What is Zillion matrix?
1. After a certain period of time after the drop, open one of the Zillion capsule that are placed throughout the map and board the airship through the capsule;
2. After boarding the airship, you are automatically given limited Zillion Matrix equipment that allows multiple respawns. After dying, the chance to respawn is consumed and you are returned to battle, but after it is used up, you are released from the Zillion Matrix;
4. There is a robot inside the Matrix that has been taken over by Flora, and you can obtain a microchip if you kill the robot;
5. After a certain period of time, the Zillion Matrix can docks allowing for battles on several airships;