Matching method:
Mode selection - Survival Mode
#Play process:
1. The runic power selection screen appears on the starting island, and the user selects one of three runestones Fire/Arctic/Wind and selects it to be used in the current game;
2. After selecting a runestone, the user acquires 2 skills, a skill that summons an object and a skill that gives the user a boost while consuming the runic power while summoning a skill;
3. Runestones that summon skills can be obtained during battle;
#Skill description:
1. Flame Rune:
Summon skill - Summons 1 flame wheel that moves forwards and inflicts damage when touched;
Boost skill - Gives burn damage to player ammo for a short period of time;
2. Arctic Rune:
Summon skill - Summons an ice wall consisting of 9 ice blocks, each block must be destroyed individuals, and when the ice wall appears, the player or vehicle is lifted;
Boost skill - Adds a freeze effect to player ammo for a short time, freeze effect reduces the effectiveness of healing items;
3. Wind Rune:
Summon skill - Summons a semi-transparent wind shield that reduces damage to bullets fired from outside the shield;
Boost skill - Increases character movement and CD reload speed for a short time