#Matching method:
Mode selection - Metro Royale
#Play method:
1. Before the game starts, users can freely equip character items and use them as starting gear after the game starts
2. After the game starts, users can search for and acquire items or loot by killing enemies
3. Each game time is limited, so you must complete extraction by moving to the extraction point before the time runs out to take the in-game items out of the battle
4. If extraction fails, the users may lose all in-game items and equipment that were equipped before entry

Fixed and improved issues
1. Fixed an issue with speed abnormalities caused by core battle gear
2. Fixed an issue where the Secret Room was abnormally opened in some situations
3. Fixed and issue where extraction points were not displayed in some situations
4. Slightly increased the probability of crypto letter drops
5. Increased the amount of supplies obtained in the Secret Room
6. Lowered price of the super special price taster package
7. Increased initial warehouse size from 50 -> 100