a)        Improved HP effect: Improved expression effect when losing blood several times within a short period of time, and each time damage is taken, the client’s stamina reduction effect is displayed separately so that damage can be distinguished at each stage
b)        Improved controls: Improved the effect when canceling the continuous use of medicine
c)        Basic controls:
-        Added continuous use of bandages to the default settings as a button which is turned ON by default
-        When farming slot is closed, the hand icon is displayed in yellow only when there is an item that can be farmed
-        After opening in settings, sit and prone buttons are merged. Press and hold the sit button to prone
-        Joystick movement distance can be custom set when character sprints (sprint sensitivity)
d)        Improved animations:
-        Increased speed of Deagle shooting animation for a smoother appearance
-        Fixed an issue where the camera moved to the side when sitting and getting up while using the scope
-        Improved drop movement
-        Improved drop movement from airplanes
-        Improved drop movement in the air
-        Improved drop landing movement
-        Improved movement
-        Improved sprint movement
-        Improved movement when rotating while standing
-        Improved swimming movement
-        Improved camera vibration effect on grenade detonation
e)        Mini-map: You can check the flight route again in the mini-map by adding a button
f)        Training Grounds:
-        Added unlimited ammo to Training Grounds
-        Added new guns to Training Grounds: P90, MG3, ASM Abakan
g)        Settings:
-        Updated settings screen
-        Long press to adjust scope focal length
-        Anti-aliasing can be adjusted in steps
-        Configurable headshot sound effect
-        In addition to the transparent UI mode setting, users can make all of the UI transparent through this setting.(Classic Mode Only)
h)        Quick Mark & Mini-map:
-        Added “Quick Voice & Universal Mark” distance display to chat window
-        Added “Quick Voice & Universal Mark” distance display to chat window
i)        Highlights:
-        After enabling Highlights in the settings, you can replay the Highlight (kill) from the match when Classic Mode is set
-        You can replay the Highlight even during the battle and share it via chat or social media
j)        Vehicles: Improved UAZ and bus durability