(a) Improved in-combat information notifications
        1. Reduced pop-up frequency of unnecessary notifications, thus reducing interference in battle
           2. Improved presentation effect of some notification information]
           (b)  Kill feedback notifications
           Added kill/stun icon notifications
           (c)  Battle progress notifications
           1. Within the notification, step-by-step notification of user survival takeover in battle is presented
           2. Display of survival factors on the top left screen has been strengthened after entering the top 10

            (d) Settings
         Improved the categorization and distribution of the feature tabs within the Basic Settings, improved the on-screen effects
            (e) Custom button position settings
            1. Adjusted the effects of the custom button position screen
            2. The custom button position settings in many modes are not displayed in tabs. Players can select one of the modes from the dropdown using the custom button position settings panel Improved the display logic of the custom button position settings panel, reduced interference from unnecessary information by preventing the features that are not activated from being displayed on the settings panel.
            3. Improving the UX of notch design devices, players can now place control buttons at the edge of the screen on notch devices
            4. Can set from the customization panel. The position of the speaker and microphone can be adjusted separately.
            5. Link the position of projectiles' "Throw/Attack" button and "Reload" button; when adjusting the following "Reload" button, the position of the "Throw/Attack" button is also adjusted.
         (f) Highlights
Improved the display effect at the end of a highlight playback
         (g) Display jump button move status.
When a character is facing an object that can be jumped over, the jump button will now be displayed
          (h) Display jump button move status
When a character is facing an object that can be jumped over, the jump button will now be displayed

(i)        Frag grenade indicator
The frag grenade indicator is available in all modes, and it can be used to indicate a frag grenade just before explosion within a certain range from the player.

          (j) Improved access to training grounds.
Enter training grounds immediately after clicking on Training Grounds Entrance.

          (K) Improved sensitivity settings.
1. Added 2 sensitivity recommendations for "Season Top 100”/”Most Used."
2. Improved overall layout of sensitivity screen.
3. On sensitivity tap replacement logic, resolved the issue where custom sensitivity settings are not applied and only the sensitivity of the corresponding tap is applied when selecting a low/medium/high tap.
4. The corresponding sensitivity settings hidden when gyroscope activation is disabled.
5. Quick sensitivity adjustment in training grounds supports combat gyroscope sensitivity settings.

           (l) The fireman feature
An additional option beside reviving/killing downed teammates and enemies!
Ability to pick up stunned characters and move them to a suitable location to drop them;
1. The character picking up a stunned character receives a movement speed penalty and is unable to perform actions such as Climb/Heal from the Shoot/Melee/Farming window;
2. Stunned characters cannot resist and control is automatically disabled, and passive life loss rate is slightly lowered (does not apply to other damage);
3. The put-down button appears when it is possible for the user picking up an item to drop the one they are picking up now.

          (m) Improved UI representation
1. Improved UI representation when using items.
2. Improved the accuracy of the 4x/6x scope aim center stickers.

             (n) Improved smoke grenade experience
Supports the smoke release effect in the air.

              (o) Adjusted gun balance (The description adjustment 1025 is already done with the mini window service and will be shared via mail).
Adjusted DMR balance      
Decreased ranged damage attenuation coefficient, increased bullet flight speed/recoil recovery speed       
SLR: increased recoil recovery speed/bullet flight speed       
SKS: Slightly increased recoil recovery speed, increased bullet flight speed      
mini14: Decreased ranged damage attenuation coefficient       
VSS: Minor increase in weapon base damage
Adjusted DP28 balance
Decreased bullet flight speed, ranged bullet damage attenuation coefficient and bullet head hit damage coefficient
Reduced 7.62mm ammo weight
Weight of a single shot reduced from 0.7 to 0.6

             (p) Improved the download feature and screen
1. Improved the download icon style and download status
2. The lobby download floating panel button can be repositioned arbitrarily by player
3. Create an independent download system by integrating the download floating panel and the download page (expressed as the download floating panel)
4. Increase category accuracy and make contents more clearly distinguishable by integrating the download categories
5. Improved the download reward appearance logic and the reward notification red dot that appears when rewards become available.