If you encounter any bugs during the game, you can report it following the below steps:
1.If you encounter a bug in a match, tap the "Report" button in the upper right corner of the screen and follow the displayed instructions to report it. 2.You can also report the bug through in-game Customer Service. Tap the settings icon in the bottom right corner of the lobby. In the "Settings" page, You can contact Customer Service, and send "report bugs", then follow the instructions to choose the corresponding bug you want to report.
If you have any additional information about this bug, please provide us as precisely as possible, which will help us to rectify and get things up to speed.
For instance:
-In which specific map did you find the bug?
-In which specific situations will this bug occur? (You may tell us about your network status, specific operations/movements, etc.)

Your information will be very appreciated, and we will pass it to our developers for further investigation. Once we locate the bug, we will try to fix it as soon as possible.
Before that, please try the following ways first to see if the problem can be solved:
-Force close and reopen the game.
-Choose [Routine Repair] to repair the game in the Login page.
-Reinstall the game.