1. New weapon Ace32:

          Employ new 7.62mm AR weapon Ace32 to Classic BR modes all map on ground and stores. This weapon has 6 parts slots including a muzzle, grip, magazine, receiver, scope, and canted sight, which is suitable for all sorts of operation backgrounds thanks to high velocity and stability.

2. Carry on the back, and ride in the vehicle:

          When carrying a party member/enemy who is about to die, can mount them directly on the vehicle. The user who is about to die can only sit in the passenger seat in the vehicle and can actively disembark.

3. 2-person bicycle update:

          The 2-person bicycle can be collected inside the backpack and jumped like a mountain bike (but the jump is available only when the driver is present). The 2-person bicycle will replace the existing mountain bike (including adding vehicles to the bike garage and ground deployment).

4. Improve grenade slot order:

          When there are all sorts of items inside the grenade slot such as simultaneous near-distance combat weapons, classic BR grenades, and mode-exclusive items, then it is easy to organize sequentially and select.

5. Popularity Gifting:

          Improve effect for My room’s send gift: Display user’s high-valued gifts first.

6. Returning System:

          Improve return attendance check and first match reward guide.