1. Improve the buddy observation feature:

          When the observing party member changes to observing buddy, then name, team number and distance information is displayed in the background. If you haven’t downloaded that team buddy’s image, then “(no download)” will be displayed on the name.

2. Change of costume:

          When in combat, the costume-changing CD will decrease from 5 min to 1 min, and the user can control it from the backpack page.

3. Customized system:

        -> Improve picture resolution, from onwards, image resolution from the customized system will be enhanced.

        -> Each template from the current customized system offers camera auto-adjustment depending on the object size and can take pictures with the same effect from different vehicles and buddies.

        -> Summer theme effect release, can select play from effect page.

4. Tag display of weapon features:

            Beginner user can view weapon characteristic tag for weapons farmed from the in-combat backpack interface and is able to quickly capture weapon advantages.

5. Training field:

            Can carry one’s buddy at the training field and supports e-mote mutual interaction.

6. Chicken Dance:

            Chicken dance after the win, movement is renewed, and impact effect is displayed.