1.     User Setting

Vehicle interface, the "change seat accurately" popup window position matches the position of the "change seat" button set by the user.

2.     Melee Weapon Setting

Melee weapon auto farming: Users can manually select melee weapons prioritized during auto-farming (frying pan previously).

3.     Emote & Camera Improvements

a. Camera transition improved at the beginning of parachuting and landing.
b. Parachute control animation such as directional change improved.
c. Transition animation after climbing and reload improved. 
d. Heal item casting and switching from arrow to ammo actions are improved. 
e. Sitting motion transition lags improved.
f. Weapon exchange animation improved, including running and crossing water nodes.

4.     Marker Smart Voice

Currently, when a user places a marker on a map location before landing, it will display the marker location and send the following message (for all maps): Users can also turn this feature on or off from Settings - Manipulations - Upgrade Manipulations - Combat Assist Voice.

5.     Custom System

a. Hitchcock zoom camera template added.
b. Gradient feature added to the control panel.
c. A gradient feature is added to the control panel of the creative system. Users can enter the no-UI mode quickly.
d. By applying the Zombie Edge theme, users can take a screenshot with the monster character from the theme mode.