1. Lobby Party Information

Improved the information displayed in the lobby when joining a party.

2. Nickname Badge

a. The nickname badge is provided for team battle events only. When equipped, the prefix of the nickname is updated in the system interface.

b. For participating teams, the team leader can create a nickname badge to prove synergy with the team members and recipients of the gift. 

c. The nickname badge supports customized texts.

d. Signup event nickname badge: When team members finish registration, the team leader and members receive a level 1 nickname badge.

e. Gift mission nickname badge: Other users can complete the gift mission, and receive the nickname badge of the team they choose to send the gift to. Also, completing various levels of gift missions will unlock higher levels of badges.

f. Nickname badge upgrade: Advancing to a higher battle tier will unlock a higher level of nickname badges. The higher your level, the better-looking badges are unlocked.

g. Equipping Nickname Badges: Players can equip or remove them under Data - Custom.

h. The number of edits you can have for nickname badges is limited to each event cycle. So be mindful when making changes.

3. Custom Creation

a. Custom creation system added to Data interface: Improving display of users' customized social resources.

b. Users can customize and equip outside resources, such as profile picture, frame, title, title frame, data card, social name card, and chat speech bubble.

c. Improved content display of Data-Basic Information interface.

4. Offline Invitation

Now, you can send offline invitations to friends that meet the synergy requirements. If you click the offline invitation button from the sidebar of the Friend interface, you can get your friend's contact number via push message. You can enable the option from "Setting" - "Message Push".