In-game Settings and Customizations:


The transition effects between recorded highlights clips have been optimized for a more engaging experience.

In the highlight’s playback interface, a "Report Issue" button has been added, which will allow you to report any problems encountered at any time.

Vehicle Customizations and Settings

Adjusting the default health, initial fuel, and other attributes of some vehicles.


Optimizing the driving feel of some vehicles, reducing the likelihood of sliding and other behaviors.


A new garage will be refreshed on the map, which will allow you to manually select the spawned vehicles in the garage.


Default Melee Weapon Selection


You can choose your default melee weapon for matches in the settings menu, with options including the machete and the knife.


Motion & Camera Optimization and Emotes


Optimized the transition effects when aiming down sights with firearms.

Improved the transition animations for some firearms after a complete reload.


One-Click Fireworks Display-

After using fireworks, you can click a button nearby to enter the creative system with one click and automatically enter a pleasing viewing angle.


One-Click Spectator Mode-

You can click a button to enter spectator mode with one click while performing the victory dance in the Chicken Dinner, allowing for a more dynamic dance experience.


Emote Backpack Expansion-

You can equip more emotes to bring into battle.