Settings customization

In the operation customization, it now supports editing and adjusting the layout position of the parachute button.

In the operation customization section, the layout tab for "Fatal Infection" has been removed.

The placement rules for the "Reload" button in the subway escape have been optimized. Now you can adjust the button to the topmost area of the interface.

Sound Settings

You can adjust the volume of certain in-game sound effects to a certain extent to concentrate better.




Same-Language Matchmaking


In same-language matchmaking, a new dynamic matchmaking switch has been added. When enabled, it will initially match you with same-language teammates within the first 60 seconds. After 60 seconds, it will expand the matchmaking range to include players from all languages.


Long-Term Matchmaking Guidance


We have optimized the multi-selection matchmaking mechanism. Now, the success rate for multi-selection matchmaking will be significantly improved. Additionally, during extended matchmaking times, you will be encouraged to use multi-selection mode.





UI Presentation


Added a No-UI mode that, when enabled, will hide the lobby's user interface, displaying only the appearance and actions of you and your teammates.