Dear Battlegrounds Mobile India Community,

We heard that some of you had issues enabling 90 FPS on your device and that’s why wanted to take a moment and share the steps to complete your device settings to be able to experience 90 FPS in BGMI.

Few things to remember:

  1. If your device supports 90FPS, you need to complete the device settings below for 90FPS to function.

  2. You can only enable 90 FPS if “90 FPS selection button” is available under Graphic Settings.

  3. This walkthrough is to provide guidance for situations where users have completed in-game settings on devices that support 90FPS, but it is not applied in the actual game.

  4. Please Note - If, after completing both in-game and device settings, 90FPS is still not applied then please contact support from in-game support option.

Quick Guide on enabling 90 FPS:

What is 90FPS? 

  • A feature that activates the 90FPS option through the frame rate setting in BGMI.

  • The ability to set the frame rate to 90FPS is available only on high-end devices that support it.

Setting Guide

In Game Setting 

  • In Game - Settings > Graphics & Audio > Smooth > Select 90FPS 


Android Device Setting Screenshots

  • Samsung

    • Settings> Display > Motion smoothness > Select Adaptive



  • Performance mode ON 

  • SETTING > Refresh rate  > 120Hz




  • Settings > Display >Advanced > Screen Refresh Rate > Select 120Hz or High


  • Settings > Display > Screen refresh rate> Select 120Hz 


  • Settings > Display > Refresh rate >  Select 90Hz above 


  • Device Gaming Mode ON 

    • Enable Device Turbofan

    • Select Game Enhancement

  • Settings > Display > Show screen refresh rate > Select Over 90Hz

Google Pixel Pro

  • Settings → Display → Smooth Display

Vivo Device

  • Setting -> Display & Brightness  -> Screen Refresh rate > Select over 90Hz

Realme Devices 

  • Realme UI 3.0: Settings > Display & brightness > Screen refresh rate.          

  • Realme UI 1.0 & 2.0 Setting path: Settings > Display & brightness > More > Screen refresh rate.

IOS Device


    • Settings > Accessibility > Motion > Disable Limit Frame Rate  

We hope this quick guide proves helpful in enhancing your gaming experience.

We hope this quick guide proves helpful in enhancing your gaming experience.

 Thank you for your unwavering patience and understanding.