Improved Basic Experience updates.


Updating mounts

 Improved Motor -
Updated the control mechanics of motor gliders to make them better to drive.

 Glider Control -
Increased the chance of simultaneous motor gliders renewing on Erangel and Miramar maps

Improve your experience

Show backpack token quantity -

The backpack button now displays the amount of tokens a player has, allowing players to conveniently see how many tokens they have and plan accordingly

Upgrading Falling Sound Effects -

Falling stage sound effects have been completely revamped and updated, with the current sound effects being more realistic and directional.

Visualize Secondary Drop Sounds -

Added sound visualizations for respawns and players falling from sky islands, players can now see enemy movement notifications in the air in sound roulette.

Secondary marks -

For supplies/mounts outside of 10m, the system will automatically recognize the target the player wants to mark as the crosshair approaches the target, making it more convenient to mark distant aerial supplies/mounts.

Announcing an update to our focus -

Players can see major in-game updates on the minimap in Classic Mode

Auto-farming -

Fixed an issue where the DMR would still auto-farm and swap to a High Capacity Quick Draw Magazine (SR,DMR) when equipped with a High Capacity Quick Draw Magazine (AR)

Mounting customizations -

Fixed an issue where backpack capacity was running low and not automatically farming parts optimally.

Shop -

Added items for sale in the store: 9mm, .45 ACP, 12 gauge, Molotov cocktails.

User settings -

Added a background interaction button to the Cugtum button settings interface that allows you to adjust its position, size, and transparency. Buttons such as Treasure Chest, Shop, Herbal Edibles, etc. all use this button's UI settings.

P90 Firearms Revision -

The ground-produced P90 is now revised and returns as the first entry-level SMG
The new P90 is ground-produced, uses proprietary 5.7mm ammunition, is fast to shoot and has very low recoil
Silencer & laser sight are standard, no additional firearm components can be added
New P90 has dedicated sights that can be switched to two different magnifications

Adjusting guns -

AR tweaks:
ACE32 Reduces vertical and horizontal recoil, accelerates fire animation, increases fire stability, and slightly increases ballistic velocity
M762 Recoil slightly reduced, shooting animation slightly accelerated
Shotgun adjustments:
DBS: Minor reduction in DBS firing intervals; reduced damage factor for DBS head and body hits
M1014: M1014 damage subtraction penalty smaller, damage at long range lowered, more in line with other shotguns.

Adjusting HP Attenuation after Stun -

When a player enters a stasis, their character will crouch down to protect themselves when they remain stationary, significantly reducing the rate of life loss while in this state and increasing the rate of life loss when the player moves. Players can choose their empty-handed actions more strategically.


3C Actions

Representing a character bumping into a wall -

1. when a character is moving against a wall, the realism is now tailored to the speed and direction of movement, reducing the exposure of the gun outside the wall
2. more smooth movement along walls when a character is prone and leaning against a wall.

Jumping underwater -

Can now trigger a jump when a character is underwater and near the water's edge.


Shining moments

Shining moments -

Added four Shining Moments, which can be viewed by clicking the corresponding icon in the top right corner of the screen when the following conditions are triggered.

 The following details (especially the numerical part) will not be revealed to users.

1.  Stun 4 enemies in a row

2.  Stun 2 enemies with the Shrapnel Grenade Hara

3.  Stuns an enemy outside of 280 meters with Yim Yi's firearms.